Monday, October 03, 2005

phase 1 on the house

We're still in the early stages with the remodel. It's 10:52pm right now and Kurt is over at Joe's talking about designs for the house. He already drew up a couple preliminary plans that look really good. But it's good to keep bouncing ideas around and really get the plans down the way we want it. After looking at drawings it's funny how they all start kind of looking the same. It's also hard to look at a flat drawing on a page and envision how it's going to look when you walk through it. Kurt is really good at that. We have some great ideas from pictures we took of 2 beautiful homes. One was a house over in the Rose Garden, and the other was a house that Kurt's friend worked on. It's amazing how the little details really just make a difference on making a nice home a really beautiful home.

Dylan has been sleeping a little better. This past week he's been waking up around midnight, and then sleeping until about 5 or 6 in the morning. He wakes up in between and cries a little, but pretty much falls back to sleep on his own. Last night he seemed to backslide a bit...I think he's teething again. He's been fussy the last couple days and drooling a lot. He's already got 6 teeth! We know another little boy the same age as Dylan that doesn't even have one. But then, this little boy was scooting around a lot sooner than Dylan was. Every child develops so differently.

Poor Dylan, he fell off the bed Friday night. It was so scary. He has a little cut on his forehead and I was so worried that he got seriously hurt. But we took him to the hospital and got him checked out. Thank goodness he's ok. Everyone says that he will have plenty more falls which I'm not looking forward to. Another thing that happened this weekend is that he graduated out of his baby food! He just doesn't want it anymore! The last few days he's been refusing to eat it so I've been offering him regular food, cut up and mashed into small pieces. Last night and today he had Grandma's Dottie's pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and I steamed some broccoli to add green veggies. He loved it!

Evan has been doing great with school. He is learning to be more independant and responsible with his homework and class assignments. His teacher and I have been working closely together to help keep him on track. She sends home progress reports and a checklist of what he needs to do. Evan works on his assignments and checks them off on the daily progress report. I review the list and help him with any questions, and then sign off. It seems to be working out pretty well. He's a good boy. He played with Dylan after dinner today so I could get the dinner dishes done before our walk. Kurt ran an errand so just Evan, Dylan and I took our daily walk around the block. It was kind of later than we usually go so it was dark when we got back.


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