Friday, January 07, 2005

This week's projects

Completed: Kurt's Hat
Basically the only things I've ever knitted are scarves and beanies. My husband doesn't like wearing any of those things so I thought, until I learn how to make a sweater or something, I'll never be able to knit something up for him. But this weekend, he decided he wants to get a beanie for when he goes running outside -- so now I can finally make him something! The requirements were, it had to be black, and it had to be simple--nothing fancy-schmancy. I hit up my favorite yarn store and bought some Karabella Aurora in black. I held 2 ends of the ball just like Noah's beanie so it came out pretty thick. I was so happy to be able to make something for him :) The only downside is, it is a little too big! :( But I have an idea...actually Kurt was the one who inspired me. He had on a baseball cap and he put the beanie over it--we were both cracking up because the beanie is so big it stretched and fit right over the hat and around the brim. Then I realized it looked just like these hats that are all the craze right now with our 20-something-year-old-nephews. They sell the hats at the Fox Racing store and they're basically a beanie with a small hat brim/visor on them. They remind me a little of a newsboy cap. It sounds like it would look strange but they actually look really cool. Anyway, I am going to go to the craft store and pick up some plastic mesh, cut it into the shape of a little visor, and then somehow stitch it into the hat. Doing that will take up some of the extra fabric and then it should fit Kurt just fine. If that doesn't work I guess I'll just have to start on a new beanie!

On the needles: Kate's Shawl
I started it several weeks ago but I keep getting distracted with other things/projects so I still haven't finished. I've made some good progress on it though, and I knitted a few rows today. I used this really fine mohair yarn in a chartreuse color. It's one of her favorite colors. I'm just doing it in stockinette stitch, but since it's on such big needles (size 15), it has this lacy look. Hopefully I finish soon so I can give it to her!


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