Friday, October 21, 2005

gourmet dinner

Mom made this wonderful pot roast for us to have for dinner tonight. I had a little of it for lunch and it was delicious. But we didn't get to have it for dinner after all--we had to eat chicken fingers instead. We have this old fridge in the garage that we put extra cold stuff that doesn't fit in the kitchen fridge. The doors don't have a great seal so you have to shut it and press it firmly to close. If you slam the door, it just pops right back open enough to let all the cold out. Well either Evan or I must have left it open on accident and the freezer thawed out :( There was a big bag of chicken fingers and a couple of other items that remained partially frozen but everything else had to get thrown out. I baked the whole bag of chicken strips so we wouldn't have to waste them, and that's what Evan and I ended up eating for dinner. Kurt didn't want chicken strips so he ran out and got some Happi House.

Dylan and Evan have so much fun together. Recently Dylan learned to toss a ball so he and Evan were playing "catch" in the living room. It is soooo cute to watch. Kurt and I wondered if he's a little advanced for his age! (I know, we're such proud parents) I mean, he's already throwing a ball at 8 months? Kurt also showed him how to throw the ball down on the floor so now he can throw and bounce the ball, too. We have either a baseball or basketball player in the making :) Here he is giving mommy a big hug after a game of catch.

No knitting tonight, again. I'm beginning to wonder if this is worthy of being called a "knitting blog".


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