Saturday, February 11, 2006

cool new blog to check out - See Euny Knit

I found a new blog to add to my list of daily reading--well, make that occasional (I don't have much free time so reading blogs daily would be a luxury!). Check it out: See Euny Knit. She is so cool...I love her Deep V Argyle Vest pattern. Someday I will attempt to make this. I've always loved argyle sweaters and socks ever since I was a kid. It's kind of funny how it's back in style again.

I'm looking forward to Stitches West next week! I'm going to take Friday off so I can spend most of the day there.

I was actually off today too, to volunteer at my older boy's school. They hosted a Senior Luncheon today. After I took the baby to daycare, I came back to the school at about 9:15 and didn't leave until after 3! I helped prep everything for the luncheon and then cleaned up afterwards. It was a lot of hard work and I was on my feet all day, but it felt good to help out. The kids did a good job "waiting" on their guests, and they also gave a great performance doing a skit and singing some songs.


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