Sunday, January 09, 2005

It's a wrap!

I finished Kate's shawl/wrap last night! Will post of a picture of it soon--for now here's a picture of it when it was in progress. I noticed when we rent movies I end up getting a lot of knitting done...we rented a couple last night so we were in front of the TV for at least 3 hours. I should keep that in mind and rent videos more often, so I can get more knitting done :) Anyway the shawl came out nice! I wrapped it in tissue with a nice gold ribbon. Kurt's going over to Kate and her husband Joe's house this morning to watch Moto-Cross videos with Joe. He'll give them her present and his present at the same time. We didn't get to see them over the holidays...

I think the next time, if I were to make another shawl like that I would double up on the yarn. I used such a fine mohair. I think it would have knitted a little better with two strands held together. I wanted to use the Karabella Gossamer yarn, which is a fine mohair with little tiny crystals scattered throughout. I saw a sample of it knitted up in my favorite yarn store and it looks beautiful. They were out of it when I started Kate's shawl, so maybe when they get some in I'll pick up a ball of it, and then a ball of regular mohair with no crystals and hold those two together to knit up another shawl.

Wondering what project I should start on next. Instead of starting a new knitting project...I was thinking of making a needle case. I really need one and don't want to buy--too expensive! The Stitch 'n Bitch book has a pattern for making your own. Maybe I should hit up the fabric store today and make one for me


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