Monday, February 20, 2006

knitting convention

Stitches West was last week and I had a great time there! I only went one day, on Friday, although the convention lasted through the weekend. Last year, I didn't buy a ticket in advance and when I got there, had to wait in a long line to buy one at the door. This year I was more prepared with an advanced ticket...well, at least I *thought* I was more prepared :) The funny thing is the line was longer for people who already had tickets and just needed to get in. When I got there the ticket counter had only 4-5 people waiting in front of it to buy tickets.

There were a lot of cool booths and my friends and I checked out every single one of them. We started from the far left of the convention room and worked our way through every row, from one side of the aisle and back down to check out the other side of the aisle, never deviating from that order. We didn't want to miss anything :) When we were halfway through, we finally sat down at about 1pm to eat the lunches we packed. I was starving! After we ate, we visited all the rest of the booths. By the time we were done looking, it was close to 5pm. With my busy schedule I hardly ever have time to do anything fun just for me, let alone spend a whole day! This was a very cool treat...


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