Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birth Announcements & Scrapbook Notecards

I had some printing blocks made last week and wanted to try them out. The first block shows 2 little boys, one pulling the other in a little wagon. The other block is a picture of a bunny. I thought they would look very sweet on birth announcements.

So I woke up early on Saturday and printed up some birth announcements and notecards for a friend.

For the birth announcements, I handset the type using a script font for the baby name and Centaur for the rest of the announcement.

The 3.5x5" notecards are for a scrapbook a friend made for her god daughter's graduation party. Guests are asked to write a note to "Paola", then slide each notecard into a little pocket in one of the scrapbook pages. Very sweet. For the paper, I chose an 80lb cardstock so the scrapbook wouldn't be too bulky with all the notecards gathered into a pocket. The font is also Centaur (such a beautiful font!)


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