Monday, February 27, 2006

next project

I'm in between knitting projects and trying to decide what to start on next. At Stitches West I saw someone wearing a beautiful grey lace shawl. It's inspiring me to try knitting lace. I've been looking for easy patterns, something with a simple 4 row repeat might be a good first-time project for me. Another option I'm thinking about is a shrug. I bought a shrug pattern at Stitches, and I also found a few nice free patterns online too. Whatever I decide to do, I think I'm ready to graduate from scarves and try something a little more challenging.

I organized my yarn stash over the weekend. It's not that bad--everything I have fits in one plastic storage box, but it's still way too much for me. I'll probably never knit it all up at the rate I'm going! When I first learned to knit, I bought a lot of yarn at Michael's. After a few projects I realized I really don't like acrylic yarn. So I made 2 piles from my stash, one to keep and one to give away...From now on I'm not buying yarn unless I have a specific project for it! I'm going to see if my older boy's school might want some of my stash for crafting.

I saw my friend Lisa over the weekend and gave her the feather and fan lace scarf I made. She called today and said she really likes it. It made me really happy to hear that, especially since it took me so long to make it!


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