Monday, August 28, 2006

First day of school
My oldest was so excited about going back to school. Today was the first day back. He missed his friends over the summer. We were up bright and early today and left the house right on time. Hopefully this is a trend that will last the rest of the school year. We saw one of my son's classmate who moved away 2 years ago; she came back. It was nice to see her and everyone again. The first day of school is always such an exciting day.

Look how tall my boy has grown -- he's almost as tall as his teacher! :)

Weekend Wedding
On Saturday, my handsome hubby and I went to our friend's wedding. It was a really nice wedding. There was a soloist and a choir during the ceremony. They sang so nice it made you tear up. After the ceremony, there was a tea party and then later in the evening there was a dinner reception. We had a great time...much love and happiness to the newlyweds!

Doesn't my husband look great in that tux?


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