Thursday, October 26, 2006

pfaff fever

I have been coveting my own sewing machine for I'd say the past year. I couldn't justify getting one because 1) they're expensive 2) I don't have much free time 3) we don't have much space in the house for one 4) I don't have much free time...oh I already said that. But after thinking about it for so long and with much encouragement from my friend Andrea, I finally caved! So finally, I now own my very own Pfaff sewing machine!

Here are a few things I made over the holidays with my new sewing machine:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

fall days

The days aren't as warm, and the nights have a cold chill to them. You can tell fall is here, and October is a busy month! Here's what's been happening lately:

My twin sisters-in-law turned 50
My husband and I helped throw a party for his twin sisters. All our family and friends met at a restaurant 30 minutes before they arrived and we surprised them. It was a wonderful party and everyone had a great time. Here are the party favors I made. I filled the round tins with white almonds, then tied on a silver thank you charm with some pink and white ribbon.

Every year in October, my son's school has a walkathon fundraiser. Sponsors can pledge either a flat amount or pledge by the laps. It's really a fun day for everyone. Stands are set up around the track where the kids can stop for a cup of cool water, an otter pop, or fresh popcorn made in a cart rented just for the event. There are also parents standing around with spritzers to help cool the kids down. One of the stops is the popular "crazy hair" stand, where kids can get their hair painted in any color of the rainbow. The girls love having feathers or different accessories twisted and tied into their hair. Another popular stand is the face painting stand. All of them are run by parents volunteering for the day.

The pumpkin patch is back!
You know that fall is here when the empty lot on the corner is suddenly filled with bales of hay, jumping tents, and pumpkins. We took the kids last weekend to pick out pumpkins and play.