Wednesday, September 26, 2007

recent sewing and my own etsy shop!

I've thought about it for so long and I've finally done it...I just opened up my own etsy shop! I recently finished sewing a few bags and some crayon rolls to add to the store. Actually I've been doing a lot more sewing lately, and not just for the shop! Let's see, so far for September I've made:
-a bag for my sister with a matching coin purse for her birthday
-a coloring pencil roll for my niece
-a baby blanket and bib for my co-worker's baby gift

My sister really liked her bag and coin purse and has been using it every day since I gave it to her (or at least every time I've seen her since then haha). And my niece loved her pencil roll. What I love the best about making things is when the person you give it to really likes it! It just makes my day...

Here's a picture of the baby blanket and bib (I did the calligraphy on the tag too!):


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