Thursday, September 14, 2006

teeny tiny swap deliveries

We participated in our very first swap, hosted by Amanda at zhinkadinkadoo. The boys got their craft packages this week. It was so exciting coming home every day to find something waiting for us. Here are pics of what we received. Thanks so much to everyone for their thoughtful packages! And thanks to Amanda for such a fun swap.

This was from Donna at Knitting While Intoxicated: a book (made by Ivy!) about a mouse named Olivia, supplies to make our own book, little red envelopes, and fun stickers.

This was from Shannon at Sacred Waters Soap: a solar system and crystal growing kit. These will keep the boys busy and entertained for a long time.

These are from Sonia at smileface: yummy snacks (sorry the strawberry pocky sticks and multi-flavored gum balls are missing here! The kids got to the package before I could take a picture), handmade stationary set, a bedtime storybook made by Caleb, and these great 3D puzzles (the parts comes on a flat card where you punch out the pieces and put them together to build something).


At 9/25/2006 10:15 PM, Blogger shannon said...

I am so glad your boys liked the space box! My daughter was thrilled to get your box as well. We play the cd at least once a day.

thank you so much



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