Saturday, September 09, 2006

little radio flyer bicycle

Sorry for the fuzzy picture -- it was taken with my camera phone. I didn't have the camera and didn't want to miss the moment. The baby got his very own bike last week! He loves riding his new bicycle. He loves it so much he'll even put the helmet on just so he can ride it (he must know I won't let him get on without the helmet).

Before he got this bike, he was using a little plastic tricycle that our friend gave him. He liked playing with the plastic trike, but it was a little unstable and he kept tipping over on it. He'd scoot it so fast the back wheels would catch his feet. After a particularly bad face plant, Daddy piled us into the car and headed to Toys R Us. We came home with a new bicycle that day. The baby's still too little to reach the pedals (in that 3rd picture he scooted all the way forward on the seat and he still barely touched the pedals with his toes). For now, he's content to have us push him around so he can ride right next to big brother on his own bike. He learned a new word that day :) Now, everytime he passes by the garage he asks for his "bike".

Teeny Tiny packages

Our craft swap recipients should be receiving their packages by now, or at least within another day or two. I have to admit, I'm a little anxious. I know it's the thought that counts, but we don't have any experience with craft swaps -- this was our very first one. I didn't know what to put in there, and when I look at everyone's blogs I just don't feel as crafty and cool. I know, I'm venting a bit. Anyway, I hope they like what we sent! We did have a good time putting it together. I wish I took pictures. I sort of ran out of time...I was wrapping them late Monday night, and they needed to get out by Tuesday.


At 9/12/2006 1:29 PM, Blogger Donna said...

The package arrived today--the girls really enjoyed it, there was no need to worry 8-) although I understand, I was stressing a bit as well when I saw some of the things others had put together. I put pictures up at the Flickr group.

At 9/13/2006 10:43 AM, Blogger Nanny Louise said...

Hi there, we got your pavkage yesterday and we loved it. Thank you so much for all the thought you put into it, I am going to try to take some photographs, but I still dont know how to use mydigital to the computer. uuggghhh, I will try to get it put on disk or something.

Thank you again.


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