Saturday, September 23, 2006

pearl drinks and a stamp set

My older boy and I recently went to a local pearl-tea shop to have one of our favorite treats. He ordered his usual mango-milk with extra pearls and I ordered a lychee milk-tea. If you haven't had this type of drink before, it's a very unique experience. The drink itself is made up of green or black tea, mixed with milk and any of a variety of flavors. Evan and I usually order mango and lychee, but the place we go to also offers passionfruit, strawberry, honeydew, and taro to name a few. What makes the drink unique are little tapioca "pearls" that you sip with the tea, using an extra-wide straw. It could also be fun to use the straw to shoot the pearls with, similar to a spit-wad (not that I've ever done it myself!). Pearl tea used to be more of a novelty, but now you can find pearl tea shops all over the place where we live.

After ordering our drinks, we stopped at a Japanese stationery shop called Maido, where I picked up this adorable little stamp set:


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