Wednesday, October 17, 2007

gone fishing

Recently the little one got sick and had to stay home with me. I was trying to think of something fun we could do together. I decided we would "go fishing". First we drew and colored some fishies. Then we made a fishing pole. I didn't have any string on hand, so instead used some leftover purple ribbon. I tied the purple ribbon to a spoon, attached a button to the end of the ribbon as the "hook", then put some double-sided tape on the button. Are you getting all that?? It was so much fun watching the little one play. He would get excited everytime he actually caught one. Every couple minutes we'd have to put a fresh piece of tape on the end of the button - it would get full of lint and lose its stickiness haha. Anyway, after only 10 minutes of fishing he said he wanted to do something else! I need to put together some crafty kits for other things we could do on sick days...

Here he is trying to catch the first fish:

Looks like he got a bite:

"I caught one mommy!" :)


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