Sunday, October 07, 2007

quilt show and finished projects

A friend and I went to the Quilt Festival last week. The kids were in daycare and we took the whole day off -- what a luxury! We spent the whole day looking at beautiful fabric and admiring gorgeous quilts. Here are just a few of the quilts we saw there:


I did a lot of sewing myself this past weekend. I just finished an order for 15 identical art pencil rolls. They're going to be party favors.

Will post more pictures of these once I have 'em filled with pencils and all rolled up.


The little one really enjoys storytime before bed. But I was getting tired reading the same books every night haha. So I ordered some new books for us to read together (The Goodnight Train and My big train book). They have wonderful illustrations. If your little one loves trains as much as mine does, then I would highly recommend these :)

Don't you love getting packages in the mail?

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