Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blue and Brown Baby Shower Favors: kraft paper boxes filled with candy pacifiers

We are having a surprise baby shower for a friend and I made some favors to give away at the party. The favors are brown kraft boxes wrapped with a strip of blue paper and tied with brown ribbon. On the ribbon I tied mini blue pacifiers.

The boxes came in a kit from Michael's and in the kit were 50 strips of handmade paper and brown kraft boxes. The mommy-to-be loves the combination of blue and brown so I decided to customize the favors. I created a template using one of the handmade paper strips in the kit and cut out strips of tiffany-blue scrapbook paper instead. My paper cutter came in handy for that! The inside of the boxes are lined with paper baking cups filled with mini candy pacifiers. The candy tastes like sweet tarts (I snuck a taste when I was filling the boxes!).

At first I shopped at Michael's for the candy and the pacifiers but it was too expensive (I was making 50 favors). So I googled for "mini pacifiers" and "candy pacifiers" and found a couple places that sold them for a lot less. I ordered 4 12-ounce bags of the candy and a pack of blue mini pacifiers from ebay for a great deal!

I have an electronic kitchen scale that I used to measure the same amount of candy for each favor. First I placed the box with the paper liner on the scale and zeroed it out. Then poured in candy until it weighed exactly 1 oz. I had exactly enough candy for 50 favors. Amazing!

There were 144 mini blue pacifiers in the pack I bought so I had a lot left over. I decided I will make ribbon necklaces with a pacifier "charm" tied on each. I'll use them for a popular baby shower game that I'm sure a lot of people have heard of. It'll go like this. Each guest will get one necklace when they arrive. Each time they hear someone say the word "baby" or each time they see someone cross something (legs, arms, or ankles) they can take the necklace from them. The one with the most necklaces at whatever cut-off time wins a prize!

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