Monday, December 03, 2007

Japanese Crochet Patterns - How to Determine Sizing

In a recent post, I shared my experience following a japanese crochet pattern. Someone asked me about how to figure out the sizing. The japanese crochet books I have are written only in Japanese, but I notice that the charts that illustrate each of the projects have measurements marked in centimeters. You could get an idea of the sizing by converting cm to inches and then looking up the measurement on a sizing chart. Here are some links that I found helpful in calculating sizing:

Here's a cm to inches calculator:

Children's Body Measurements and Garment Sizes:

Here's an example of how I applied this.

The sweater (worn by the girl in the far right) has a chest size measurement of 66cm. Take that measurement and plug it into the converter and here's what you get (26 inches!):

Then look up 26 inches on the body measurement chart, which tells me that the sweater is a girls size 7.

I know that isn't rocket science, but boy did I feel clever figuring that out! LOL :)

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