Monday, October 22, 2007

fall leaves and remodel update

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I walked next to the little one while he rode his bike around the neighborhood. There were tons of leaves on the ground.

He had so much fun zipping around on his bike. And he squealed with laughter as he climbed off his bike and got ready to jump into a big pile of leaves:

Here he is taking a turn as fast as he could. It's a great shot for a camera phone -- I got the rays of the afternoon sun shining through the trees overhead:


The rain last week slowed things down a bit, but otherwise the remodel's going well. The stucco is finished and the exterior of the house will be painted in the next week. Daddy spends a lot of time working on the house. I come by with the kids on the way home. The kids and I love walking through the house and seeing how everything's coming together :) Here are pictures from a few weeks ago. The last picture was from just this morning.

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