Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blue and Brown Baby Shower Favors and party update

Here's a shot of the favors arranged nicely at the party. In case anyone is admiring the script on the labels it's actually my handwriting! The darn printer broke the day I was working on them. So I ran out and got a sepia-colored pen and just wrote Thank You in my own writing. It turned out quite nicely. And the mama-to-be liked them which made me very happy!

The party was a success -- we completely surprised my friend. She said she had no idea. Her husband took her to the movies the morning of the party. Then all of us went to their house (our friends' parents let us in) and got to work decorating and getting the food going. It was a potluck so everyone brought their favorite dish. My friend's husband forgot to order a cake so that morning I went to the grocery store and picked up a chocolate cake and had them write on it with blue icing.

When my friend and her husband got home from the movies, we tried to be quiet as they walked up to the front door. Once the door swung open we shouted "Surprise!". She was startled and happy at the same time. I was worried it might be too much excitement but she was fine :)

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