Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dinner at Asqew Grill

(Photo taken with my iPhone)

Last night the kids and I had my husband to ourselves, so we went out to dinner. The last 8 months that we've been remodeling, he's usually working at the house but last night he got a free pass! (The electricians temporarily shut down the power)

We decided to check out a new restaurant our friends' recommended. Since this was our first time at Asqew Grill we stared at the menu for a few minutes. The lady at the counter said "I've tried everything on the menu and whatever you decide you can't go wrong". She says she even eats there on the days she's not working. I had a good feeling about this place already.

We ordered grilled veggies as an appetizer. My older boy ordered the ribs w/ mashed potatoes, my husband the seared ahi, and I got the cilantro chicken with coconut jasmine rice. The baby shared with me. Most of the things there comes on a skewer, except the ribs haha.

My little one, who is usually a picky eater loved his dinner. We were all pretty happy. Definitely going back there again!

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