Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A few of my favorite flickr photos and groups

This is a screenshot of some favorite photos I've "starred" on flickr.

I get a lot of inspiration from these images. I am drawn to different areas of interest. Some of these pictures belong to various groups I'm subscribed to, others I found when I did random searches for things like "embroidery" or "robots" (the theme used for a recent party).

If you're interested in viewing more photos like these, here are some cool flickr groups to check out:

Go To Your Room! Kids Rooms at home
Since we are remodeling, I like looking at these pictures to get decorating ideas for my boys' rooms. I also like finding better ways to organize.

Japanese Magazines and MOOKs
I love Japanese craft books. They are so inspiring with so many beautifully photographed projects. In this flickr group, people upload pictures from their favorite japanese craft magazines. There is also a lot of helpful information like places where you can buy Japanese magazines or tips on translating a pattern.

Homemade Crafts for Boys
I like getting ideas on things i can make for my boys from here!

I love looking at things people have made with their gocco. It's really inspiring. Some creative person even posted a picture tutorial on how to make a gocco christmas card.

There are quite a few picture tutorials on flickr. Here are some of my favorites:
Bottlecap pincushions
Stencil Shirt Tutorial

Join a Flickr group

Once you find one you like, if you want to join it, from that group's page just click on the "Join this group" link.

Joining a group allows you to view recent activities in that group (from the top menu look under Groups for the groups you belong to). It also allows you to add any of your own pictures to those groups you've joined.

If you have a picture you want to send to a group just select "send to group" and then select whichever group from your list of groups.

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