Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Shower Gift: Handmade Blanket

Blanket for Baby Joseph
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For a co-worker's baby shower, I whipped up this really cute blanket. I love the fabric (from Jo-Anns). It's got little animals on there that sort of look like foxes! But I'm thinking they are squirrels because of the little acorns that are also on the print.

I used an olive colored binding, and a creme colored flannel fabric for the other side of the blanket. It still took me some time to cut the fabric and do the binding, but it's probably one of the easier gifts for me to make. Baby blankets are actually my favorite gifts for showers! I often gift it with a baby/parenting book, or a blank journal, or sometimes a CD of lullabies.

Look what someone else made with the same fabric: a really cute baby kimono!

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